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Visualization of adsorption

Started by RAHMA, October 10, 2019, 03:45:45 PM

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How to visualize CO2 inside the MOF

with iRASPA
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with VMD
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Dear iRaspa developers,

I am trying to visualize the adsorption of CO2 in MOF through the option "Movie" in simulation input but i didn't know how to do it with iRaspa ....
Could you please help me with some detailed instructions to visualize the CO2 inside the MOF i already generated the cif and pdb files after the adsorption of CO2.

Thank you !


David Dubbeldam

You just import all the pdb- and cif-files you would like to visualize (so select multiple files during import).
Then you can set individual visualization properties, like origin, drawing-method, etc.