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two different temperatures

Started by Nourissa, April 22, 2022, 10:47:54 AM

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can we create two temperatures one for the adsorbent and another different temperature for the adsorbate?


If you are using MC, the temperature is used to calculate the acceptance ratio. For example, the concept of temperature/velocity can not be extracted from MC as the trajectories don't follow physical laws (actually, there is no physical meaningful trajectory at all).

If your fluid-wall interaction is not temperature dependent an the adsorbent itself is rigid, changing the temperature of the adsorbent shouldn't even make a different for the result of your adsorbate.

Open for a fruitful discussion about that :)

David Dubbeldam

In equilibrium, adsorbates and adsorbents in a single system have the same temperature.
In state-state, systems with temperature gradients are used for example to compute thermal conductivity.