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Output files / Re: ENERGY DRIFT
Last post by neumannrf - April 10, 2024, 12:28:49 AM
Dear Dr. Dubbeldam,

We are having a similar problem with C2H2 and would like to try your suggestion, but we could not find in the manual how to set up a hard-sphere potential on the Hydrogen. What are the keyword and parameters?
General / The name of RASPA
Last post by sara abbasi - March 18, 2024, 08:07:55 PM
Hello everyone
In RASPA name, what does each capital letter mean?
I appreciate all your kind responses.
Thank you
General / Installation on ubuntu
Last post by Aleksandr Volkov - March 09, 2024, 11:48:36 AM
Good afternoon!
Faced with the problem of installing on ububntu, I understand you need to install as written in the manual or differently? Is there an instruction for installing on ububntu?
General / Defining a parametric flexible...
Last post by gunjanauti - January 23, 2024, 11:08:35 AM
How can I define a flexible molecules in a def file such that bond length between 0-3 is a function of bond lengths of 0-1 and 0-2 and the angle between 0-1-2? (d3 = d1cos(theta) + d2cos(theta)).
How can we use functions in .def file? And being a flexible model, this length should change every timestep, but since the .def file is only read at the start of this simulation, is there any other way to define this molecule?
General / Here is Practical Explanation ...
Last post by kama-devah - December 31, 2023, 01:02:14 PM
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Output files / Re: heat of adsorption method ...
Last post by dddD - December 23, 2023, 04:34:20 AM
I want to know, too!
General / Can anyone recommend some lite...
Last post by WuJH - December 21, 2023, 04:03:29 PM
Dear professors:
Can anyone recommend some literatures that can use raspa to reproduce the GCMC simulation process´╝č
Thanks very much!
Output files / heat of adsorption method in G...
Last post by Nourissa - December 19, 2023, 01:02:34 PM
I am trying to find the equation or method that is used to compute heat of adsorption in GCMC. if anyone knows please share a reference paper.
General / Inaccurate Adsorption Isotherm...
Last post by sridhar - November 24, 2023, 07:51:38 AM
Dear Prof. Dubbeldam and RASPA community,

I would like to calculate the adsorption isotherm for hydrogen at 77K on IRMOF-1. The absolute adsorption uptake of the RASPA results showed higher values, almost two times more at high pressures (i.e., 100 bar) compared to the experimental results and GCMC calculations in the literature. I am sure that the force-field interactions taken are accurate. The forcefield, pseduoatoms, molecule files, simulation.input used in my RASPA calculations are given below. The IRMOF-1 cif file was used from RASPA software (i.e., raspa/structures/mofs/cif/IRMOF-1.cif). Can you please go through the input files and let me know incase any issues?

1. Simulation.input

SimulationType                MonteCarlo
NumberOfCycles                100000
NumberOfInitializationCycles  50000
PrintEvery                    5000
RestartFile                   no

Forcefield                    ExampleMOFsForceField

Framework 0
FrameworkName IRMOF-1
UnitCells 1 1 1
HeliumVoidFraction 0.81
ExternalTemperature  77
ExternalPressure  100e5

Component 0 MoleculeName             H2
            MoleculeDefinition       ExampleDefinitions
            TranslationProbability   0.5
            RotationProbability      0.5
            ReinsertionProbability   0.5
            SwapProbability          1.0
            CreateNumberOfMolecules  0

2. pseudoatoms file

#number of pseudo atoms
#type      print   as    chem  oxidation   mass        charge   polarization B-factor radii  connectivity anisotropic anisotropic-type   tinker-type
C          yes     C     C     0           12.0        0.0      0.0          1.0      0.67   0            0           relative           0
H_h2       yes     H     H     0           1.01588     0.468    0.0          1.0      0.53    0            0           relative           0
H_com      no      H     -     0           0.0         -0.936   0.0          1.0      0.53    0            0           relative           0
H          yes     H     H     0           1.01588      0       0.0          1.0      0.53    0            0           relative           0
Zn         yes     Zn    Zn    0           65.39       1.8529       0.0          1.0      1.42    0            0           relative           0
O          yes     O     O     0           15.9994     -1.6       0.0          1.0      0.48    0            0           relative           0 

3. force_field_mixing_rules.def

# general rule for shifted vs truncated
# general rule tailcorrections
# number of defined interactions
# type interaction
Zn_            lennard-jones    62.4       2.46          // D. Dubbeldam, K.S. Walton, D.E. Ellis, R.Q. Snurr, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2007, 46, 4496-4499.   
O_             lennard-jones    30.19      3.12         // idem
C_             lennard-jones    52.84      3.43         // idem
H_             lennard-jones    22.14      2.57         // idem
H_h2            lennard-jones    15        2
H_com          none
# general mixing rule for Lennard-Jones

4. H2.def file

# critical constants: Temperature [T], Pressure [Pa], and Acentric factor [-]
#Number Of Atoms
# Number of groups
# H2-group
# number of atoms
# atomic positions
0 H_h2    0.0           0.0           0.37
1 H_com   0.0           0.0           0.0
2 H_h2    0.0           0.0          -0.37
# Chiral centers Bond  BondDipoles Bend  UrayBradley InvBend  Torsion Imp. Torsion Bond/Bond Stretch/Bend Bend/Bend Stretch/Torsion Bend/Torsion IntraVDW IntraCoulomb
               0    2            0    0            0       0        0            0         0            0         0               0            0        0            0
# Bond stretch: atom n1-n2, type, parameters
# Number of config moves

General / Enthalpy of adsorption
Last post by Mohammad Ahmadi - November 21, 2023, 12:01:00 AM
How can I calculate the enthalpy of adsorption in the state of adsorption on the adsorbent with extra cation?
The software is not able to calculate the enthalpy for adsorption in this case.